Code of Ethics and Conduct

It is the policy of Marathon Construction Corporation to comply with all laws governing our operations and to conduct our affairs in keeping with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards.

Compliance with the law means not only following the law, but conducting our business so that we will deserve and receive recognition as good and law abiding citizens, alert to our responsibilities in all areas of good citizenship. Even where the law does not apply, certain standards of ethics and morality relate to our activities and require the same diligence and attention to good conduct and citizenship.

The cornerstones of our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct are:

  1. Quality and Safety
    1. Meet contract specifications.
    2. Meet applicable laws, regulations and industry practices.
  2. Fair Competition
    1. No agreements with competitors to fix prices, allocate customers, or fix production levels; no bid rigging in any form.
    2. Be accurate and complete when negotiating contracts.
  3. Accurate Record Keeping
    1. Complete, accurate and timely records.
    2. Maintain company records in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.
  4. Fair Employment Practices
    1. Equal opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or physical or mental hand cap, and to conform to applicable laws and regulations.
    2. Prior legal clearance before making offers to hire any former or current government employees.
  5. Avoid Business Courtesies to Customers
    1. Never offer any type of business courtesy for the purpose of obtaining favorable treatment or advantage.
    2. Never accept or offer any type of money, fee, gift or thing of value in return for obtaining or acknowledging favorable treatment under a contract.
  6. Maintain Company and Customer Confidences
    1. Avoid conflicts of interest.
    2. Maintain company and customer confidences.
    3. Avoid improper use of electronic communications.

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