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Cook Overcrossing at Camp Pendleton - 129

Project: Cook Overcrossing at Camp Pendleton
Owner: U.S. Navy
Start date: 12/11/1986
Finish date: 8/28/1987
Value: $1,552,735

Cook Overcrossing is a two lane highway bridge that extends over mainline railway tracks and Interstate 5 Freeway to provide Camp Pendleton traffic access to the western portion of the base. The bridge is a cast in place prestressed post-tensioned structure measuring 32' 9" wide and 473' long.

Carlsbad Boulevard Seawall - 128

Project: Carlsbad Boulevard Seawall
Owner: City of Carlsbad
Start date: 10/13/1986
Finish date: 6/20/1987
Value: $3,614,294

This seawall and walkway curve continuously along the beach at the base of ocean bluffs for a length of 3200 ft. The work included 7 new beach access stairways and the repair of 3 existing stairways extending down the bluffs.

Closure of West Riverside Landfill - 212

Owner: County of Riverside
Start date: 9/30/1993
Finish date: 11/16/1994
Value: $3,753,511

Final capping and closure of an 85 acre county landfill. Project consisted of the importation and placement of 400,000 CY of structural fill, clay and topsoil layers, 3 miles of concrete and asphalt drainage channels and structures, methane gas collection system, and 85 acres of native hydroseed and replanting.

Construction of Ocean Front Walk Replacement - 270

Owner: City of San Diego
Start date: 12/3/1998
Finish date: 3/26/1999
Value: $1,539,162.3

Over 1000 lineal feet of steel sheet pile seawall was constructed along a very active beach boardwalk in San Diego. A 8 foot reinforced concrete cap was placed on top of the sheetpile wall along with an architectural parapet wall on top of the cap.  A new 10 foot wide boardwalk sidewalk was placed.  Challenges included staging most of the work from the soft sand beach, maintaining an active 5 foot wide boardwalk with over 30,000 people using it daily, working adjacent to commercial businesses daily, and insulating the project from the surf and pedestrians walking along the beach.

Mission Bay Park - Ski Beach Improvements - 313

Owner: City of San Diego
Start date: 10/29/2002
Finish date: 5/12/2003
Value: $1,098,703.63

Work involved constructing a new four lane reinforced concrete and precast slab boat ramp in Mission Bay Park in San Diego, replacement of the parking lot asphalt, construction of over 2000 lineal feet of 10' wide colored concrete sidewalk, parking lot lighting upgrades, and landscaping.  Challenges included the underwater placement of aggregate base and grading to create the subgrade for the precast slab panels.

Triple 10 x 6 Box Culvert - 336

Owner: Lakeside Land Company, Inc.
Start date: 6/30/2003
Finish date: 12/2/2003
Value: $1,503,351.07 

This culvert begins as a curving structure collecting water flow from 5 each 66" diameter concrete pipes and transitions to a long straight triple 10' x 6' cast in place concrete box culvert. The culvert extends 1360 feet across a new land reclamation project and carries a max water flow of 1300 cfs from Eucalyptus Hills Creek and surrounding storm drains to discharge into the San Diego River. A job designed and built rolling form system was used to construct the culvert. Approximately 4200 cy of concrete and 700,000 lbs of reinforcing steel were used in this project.

San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project - 359

Owner: Southern California Edison Company
Start date: 2/8/2006
Finish date: in progress
Value: $25,000,000

Excavate and onsite disposal of 2.2 million CY of silty sands, to construct 162 acres of salt marsh and resulting in a total open space area of 440 acres. Salvage existing salt marsh vegetation, propagate and transplant 400,000 plants. Hydroseed 110 acres of coastal sage scrub habitat. Install 2 miles of flood control berms. Build 5 least tern nesting sites for a total of 15 acres. Hydraulically and mechanically dredge the San Dieguito Lagoon Inlet and replenish the adjacent public beaches at Del Mar with beach quality sand.

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