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Marine Construction Project Profiles

Water Ski Show Floats - 175

Project: Water Ski Show Floats
Owner: Sea World of California
Start date: 3/21/1991
Finish date: 5/23/1991
Value: $126,625 

This unique float was constructed for SeaWorld for use as a floating center stage for a water ski show. The float measured about 60 ft x 30 ft and was constructed of timber and plywood and supported on foam filled pontoons. The float had a central level deck area but with sloped edges on 3 sides that extended below water level to allow watercraft to dock on the stage. The float was fully prefabricated onshore and launched into the water using a 100 ton truck crane. .

Phase I - Plant 4 Modernization - 101

Project: Phase I - Plant 4 Modernization
Owner: Southwest Marine, Inc.
Start date: 7/25/1983 Finish date: 11/20/1984
Value: $7,672,564 

Work included the construction of a new precast/prestressed concrete pier 60' wide by 800 long. Longitudinal caps were placed for a gantry rail system for a 40 ton gantry crane. Mechanical and electrical shore systems were provided at several utility mounds along the pier. Additionally, a utility wharf with a two story masonry building was constructed with shops below and office space on the second floor. Accommodations for a floating drydock were made on the pier and two additional mooring dolphins were constructed with gripper arms for a secondary drydock position. Shore improvement included a steel sheetpile wall with H-pile deadman and tierods. Approximately 1100 lineal feet of bulkhead was constructed. Backland work included grading and paving and the installation of a pile supported gantry rail foundation to support the shipyards plate yard. Dredging was performed for the new floating drydock.

Oceanside Harbor Dock Replacement - 132

Project: Oceanside Harbor Dock Replacement
Owner: City of Oceanside
Start date: 8/1/1987
Finish date: 9/16/1988
Value: $3,432,884 

This project involved the removal, disposal, and replacement of 16 dock systems in the Oceanside Marina. The replacement floating docks were provided by Bellingham Marine. Headwalk length varied, but average about 500 feet in length and slip lengths ranged 20 feet to 60 feet. Each dock system had to be independently demolished and replaced before another dock system could be worked on. This was challenging and timing was critical on this project due to the small amount of vacant slips to temporarily moor the boats to.

Concrete Breakwater @ South Bay Boat Yard - 145

Project: Concrete Breakwater @ South Bay Boat Yard
Owner: City of Oceanside
Start date: 8/1/1987
Finish date: 9/16/1988
Value: $785,772 

This project involved the installation of pile supported caps and precast concrete breakwater panels to create a protected marina and boat yard with new Travel Lift piers. Additionally, a new sheetpile bulkhead was installed on the eastern side of the yard for the boatyard's shoreside expansion. Bellingham Marine floating docks were installed inside the breakwater to stage boat repairs. Miscellaneous utilities were installed on the dock.

Berthing Pier & Public Pier - 196

Project: Berthing Pier Public Pier
Owner: San Diego Unified Port District
Start date: 8/4/1992
Finish date: 8/17/1993
Value: $4,340,158 

This waterfront project is located in San Diego Bay near Crosby Street Park. The project involved the removal of an existing 28' x 574' timber and the construction of 2 new concrete piers. The Berthing Pier is a 32' x 780' concrete pier with a full timber fender system. The Public Pier is a 18' x 700' concrete pier that is open to the public from the park. As part of the park improvements, this project included construction of various concrete features including walkways and benches and landscaping. Mechanical and electrical utilities were installed on the piers and in the park. This project also included 315 feet of shoreline revetment.

10th Avenue Marine Terminal - 243

Project: 10th Avenue Marine Terminal
Owner: San Diego Unified Port District
Start date: 3/28/1996
Finish date: 5/6/1998
Value: $14,610,869.24 

This waterfront project is located at 10th Avenue Marine Terminal and involved a major seawall repair around the entire 4,639lf waterfront perimeter of the facility. The existing cyclopean seawall averaged 50' tall with the toe under 38' of water. It took over 15,000 diver manhours to complete the underwater portions of the work. The underwater portion of the work consisted of: diver hand installation of concrete bags to repair large voids in the cyclopean wall, core drilling of 18" diameter holes through the toe, driven H pile, 13,620CY of dredging, 20,000SF of cellular concrete mats, forming and placing of 3,500CY of reinforced structural concrete all at the bay bottom, installation of steel sheet pile and 13,500CY of cementitious backfill. The topside work included a new concrete cap and new fender system all around the facility and other related incidental work. 17 change orders added $1,048,257 to the contract, yet the project finished over $1,000,000 under budget. The project also finished 6 months ahead of schedule. 

1998 AGC Build San Diego Award for Excellence in Heavy/Highway Construction, 1998 certificate of award for outstanding achievement from ICRI, San Diego Chapter ACI marine and waterfront project of the year.

Waterfront Improvements - 261

Project: Waterfront Improvements
Owner: U.S. Navy
Start date: 1/27/1998
Finish date: 7/22/1999
Value: $11,706,242 

This project included structural steel upgrades to the steel superstructure of the old 1920 Navy Fuel Pier. Old product lines were removed from under the pier and new product lines were installed under and on top of the pier. Concrete restoration work was performed on the concrete portion of the pier and at the existing quaywall. Shoreside utilities were upgraded. Revetment work was performed along the shoreline. A new fendering system was installed. The underside of the structural steel portion of the pier was sandblasted and painted. The shoreside fueling station was demolished and replaced with newer double walled product lines. Maintenance dredging was performed and the material was taken to an upland disposal facility. Challenges on this job included working around a very active fueling depot for the US Navy were no work could be performed during fueling and fuel unloading operations. Additionally, 75% of the work was performed under the pier were work was performed from rafts, suspended scaffolding and boats. Containment of spent sandblast grit was challenging as well.

Repair Pier Bravo FY02 Special Project R1-98 NAS North Island - 315

Project: Repair Pier Bravo FY02 Special Project R1-98 NAS North Island
Owner: US Navy
Start date: 12/26/2001
Finish date: 1/31/2003
Value: $3,581,152 

This Pier is commonly referred to as the Ammunitions Pier and is located at the mouth of San Diego Harbor on the westside of NAS North Island. With aftermath of 9/11, added security and use of this pier was radically increased. Marathon had to coordinate on a daily basis all operations around weapons loading and unloading. All priority was given to the Navy to insure proper and safe transfer of weapons back and forth from land to ship. This project required the complete concrete and rebar replacement on the top deck (top 5" to 6") of the pier surface. The utilized procedure was to hydro-demolish the deck with a high-pressure water demolition machine. This machine averaged 400 to 600 SF per day. Simultaneously, the areas that that machine could not reach, hand concrete demolish was performed. After one half of the pier was demolished to the prescribed depth and the old rebar was removed and new rebar installed, grade and flow was re-established with a 6" concrete overlay. After the deck in the first phase had cured to strength, a similar operation was performed on the second half. Additionally, the contract required the complete replacement of the primary and secondary fendering systems. While the concrete rehabilitation was being performed, the both fendering systems were removed and replaced. Installed were 64 each new 24" square x 75 foot PC/PS concrete piling. Additionally installed were over 200 each 14" diameter fiberglass/concrete composite piling for the secondary fendering system. Again, all this work was performed within a one year period while leaving at least half of the pier open for use by the Navy.

San Diego Marriott Seawall Repair - 343

Project: San Diego Marriott Seawall Repair
Owner: CCMH San Diego LLC
Start date: 4/19/2004
Finish date: 6/10/2005
Value: $3,126,071 

Work involved the repair of 1200 lineal feet of a steel sheetpile seawall. 30 foot aluminum cofferdams were utilized to provide a dry work area due to water quality issues, since a third of the wall repair was in the tidal zone. A 6 inch reinforced concrete wall encapsulation was placed in front of the existing sheetpiling. Continuous dewatering of the cofferdams was required to keep them dry. Mitigation was performed in the bay for the new concrete wall. Challenges included a very tight work area, pedestrian control and safety along the existing promenade, and working around the busiest marina in San Diego.

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