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Southbay Land Outfall/Revegetation of Mitigation Area 2 - 194

Project: Southbay Land Outfall/Revegetation of Mitigation Area 2  
Owner: International Boundary Water Commission  
Start date: 5/29/1992  
Finish date: 1/21/1993  
Value: $392,947 

Remove a non-permitted rubblemound flood control structure and grade a 2.5 acre river bottom area and restore area to riparian forest. In order recycle the rubble and to keep offroaders out of the site, we designed a rubble section barrier and placed 1700 lineal foot of this barrier around three sides of the project. This design became the design standard for rubble barriers for future restoration projects in the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park.

Revegetation of Mitigation Area 1, South Bay Land Outfall - 220

Project: Southbay Land Outfall/Revegetation of Mitigation Area 2
Owner: International Boundary Water Commission
Start date: 5/17/1994
Finish date: 5/1/1998
Value: $482,579 

Clear and grub, grade, design and install irrigation, and plant a 5 acre riparian forest, and perform a 5 year maintenance program. Project provided successful vegetative cover in 3 years, thereby not requiring the final 2 years of maintenance, resulting in a substantial cost savings to the Federal Government.

Dredging & Aircraft Carrier Wharf (Sub to Nova Group, Inc.) - 249

Project: Dredging Aircraft Carrier Wharf (Sub to Nova Group, Inc.)
Owner: U.S. Navy
Start date: 11/11/1996
Finish date: 7/28/1997
Value: $2,598,371.70 

Shallow water habitat was created using a large hydraulic excavator and a dragline equipped crane to excavate 500,000CY of sediment from a 15 acre upland area adjacent to the San Diego Bay. The sediment was used as fill, which was then compacted to create the 15 acre site of the new carrier wharf. During excavation we encountered unexploded ordnance, which necessitated an in-house designed proprietary screening system to remove ordnance before transportation to the fill site. A total of 55 barrage rockets were removed.

San Joaquin Reserve Enhancement - 281

Project: San Joaquin Reserve Enhancement
Owner: Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy
Start date: 8/9/1999
Finish date: 1/24/2000
Value: $1,600,000 

Convert an old 40 acre duck hunting club site to a restored freshwater marsh by excavating, recontouring and building ponds and islands from 90,000 CY of existing loose, clay soils and reconnecting area to the San Diego Creek. Remove existing marsh plants, build temporary nursery and store plants in nursery during grading operations, and replant plants after grading completion. Due to the loose nature of the existing soils, the design grading plan was deficient 40,000 CY of fill. We redesigned the grading plan and were able to make to jobsite balance without having to import the additional fill, resulting in a sizable cost savings to the Conservancy.

Deer Canyon Park Preserve Improvement - 316

Project: Deer Canyon Park Preserve Improvement
Owner: City of Anaheim
Start date: 2/12/2002
Finish date: 11/8/2002
Value: $907,276 

Build three miles of nature trails, several small bridges, flash flood control structures, picnic areas, gates, fencing and a solar powered bathroom in a nature preserve park. Restore and revegetate 15 acres of California coastal sage and riparian forest areas that were decimated by wildfire.

San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project - 359

Project: San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project
Owner: Southern California Edison Company
Start date: 2/8/2006
Finish date: in progress
Value: $25,000,000 

Excavation and onsite disposal of 2.2 million CY of silty sands, to construct 162 acres of salt marsh and resulting in a total open space area of 440 acres. Salvage existing salt marsh vegetation, propagate and transplant 400,000 plants. Hydroseed 110 acres of coastal sage scrub habitat. Install 2 miles of flood control berms. Build 5 least tern nesting sites for a total of 15 acres. Hydraulically and mechanically dredge the San Dieguito Lagoon Inlet and replenish the adjacent public beaches at Del Mar with beach quality sandt.

Goat Canyon Enhancement Project - 340

Project: Goat Canyon Enhancement Project
Owner: State of California Parks and Recreation Department
Start date: 11/5/2003
Finish date: 6/9/2005
Value: $4,948,622.13 

Excavate and build three debris basins with three concrete paved and riprap drop structures in Goat Canyon. Build 2 miles of entrance road traversing a degraded salt marsh to Border Mesa Park. Clear and grub, grade, irrigate and plant 30 acres of riparian corridor habitat. Work completed in the rainy season when we received 22 inches of rain (second wettest year on record.) During this time, the debris basins were filled three times for a total of additional 200,000 CY yard to be removed in order to complete the project.

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