Marathon Construction takes great care in creating an environment that is not only safe from immediate dangers but is also healthy to work in. Our comprehensive safety training encompasses all levels of personnel throughout the company. Employees are encouraged to use the knowledge they have to actively participate in the safety process on a day to day basis to lessen the hazards associated with waterfront work. Because of our high standards for safety we enjoy a high level of employee morale and a good rapport with our owners.

Marathon has enjoyed an excellent safety record and our EMR is a reflection of that at 0.66. We are the recipients of the San Diego AGC’s Construction Safety Excellence Award for 2008 and 2009 in the Heavy Construction division. Additionally, in March 2010 Marathon Construction received a national first place safety award from the Associated General Contractors of America/Willis Insurance for the National Construction Safety Excellence Awards in the Heavy Construction Division. More importantly, we are proud of the safety culture we have developed and the confidence we have bestowed on our employees. They believe in Marathon’s commitment to their safety and take ownership in the safety program. The best award is making sure we all go home to our families at the end of each day.

Mike Mickey

Corporate Safety Manager

Safety Awards

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